Estd. in 1963, Recognised under DTE Govt of Kerala - Admission started


Available Human Resourses

Below are the list of our well trained students from each branch who are awaiting job opportunities. Employers can contact us for hiring them.
Slno. Branch of Study Available human resourses
1 CIVIL ENGINEERING - Building Drawing,Estimation,Earth Work,Construction and Supervision of work etc 24
2 AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING - Engine Overhauling, Repairing and Re fitting,Repair and Maintenance of Transmission and Fuel system and allied work,supervision of work etc 43
3 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING - Electrical Wiring,Winding,Repair and Maintenance of Home appliances,supervision of work etc 24
4 ELECTRONICS & R&TV ENGINEERING - Electronics circits,Identifing Trouble shooting, and Repairing ,various stages of Electronic Equipment,supervision of work etc 24
4 REFRIGERATION & AIR-CONDITIONING ENGINEERING - Repair and maintenance of Refrigerators,Air conditioners,Deep freezers,supervision of work etc 24